Singapore Will Soon Be Selling The Most Expensive Rice In The World

But everything in Singapore is expensive leh, so it's no surprise.

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Singapore Will Soon Be Selling The Most Expensive Rice In The World
Image: Kinmemai Rice
Rice is one of the world’s most basic necessities and is consumed by millions of people worldwide every day, especially in Asia. We Asians love our rice so much, we couldn’t get through our day without eating or thinking about it. (Ask any true Malaysians and they’ll say yes).

We Malaysians are very lucky to have access to unlimited rice supply, thanks to our neighbours in Thailand and of course, our own paddy crops in our country. It can be said that rice in Malaysia is easy to get and is relatively cheap.

But for our neighbour in Singapore, it’s a whole different story. They will soon be the country that sells the most expensive rice in the world!

And get this: the new title was also certified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Kinmemai Premium blend rice is sold for SGD149 (RM463.39) per kilogram! You can also order a box that comes with six 140g packets of rice for SGD155 (RM482.05).

One spoon probably costs a quarter of your savings.
Imagine how many plates of rice you can buy in Malaysia with that amount of money!

According to Channel News Asia, Singapore is the first country besides Japan to market the premium rice.

So, what makes this super-expensive rice so special (and so friggin' expensive)? According to the company, the rice is “more flavourful, sweeter and more nutritious than other brands of rice.”

What do you think of this new premium rice? Are you willing to go down to the Lion City and give it a try or are you content with whatever we have here?

Kinmemai Premium blend rice will be sold starting 1 November in Singapore. For more info, visit their website.

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