This 13-Year-Old Sarawakian Student Just Developed A Digital Textbook App

What were YOU doing at the age of 13?

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This 13-Year-Old Sarawakian Student Just Developed A Digital Textbook App
Image: Bernama
When we were 13, our hormones were probably raging and our acne flaring up as we prepare our butts for the first year of a long journey in secondary school. At that age, we were probably very engrossed with video games and spending our after-school hours away at a cyber café.

But for 13-year-old Ahmad Zulfadzli Khamidi, he’s taking a different path when it comes to computers and technology.

The Sarawakian student recently developed a digital textbook application with the aim of reducing students’ dependency on physical books.

What’s even more astonishing is that he developed the app in just two weeks under the guidance of the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creative Centre (MaGIC) at Borneo744 in Bintawa.

The teen told Bernama that the idea to develop the app came when he was getting bored and sleepy while studying with his textbooks. He wanted to develop an app that could help him, but there were some obstacles he first had to go through.

“I had an idea but did not have the know-how in designing and writing the software codes for the app,” Zulfadzli was quoted as saying.

Determined to create the app, Zulfadzli and his mom, Norhasyimah Ahmad Merrican, visited the Borneo744 (a Blue Ocean Entrepreneurs Township) to sought advise and were surprised to find that free classes on the basics and principles of coding were offered at the centre.

“The app is easy to use and suitable for students of all ages, whether in the primary, secondary or university level,” said Zulfadzli.

Teachers can also benefit from the app as they do not need to mark every exercise and exam paper and students will no longer have to bring books to school. 

We can soon bid goodbye to heavy school bags.
The app currently has four subjects – English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics, and Science. He plans to add more subjects soon.

The innovative young Malaysian’s creation landed him the top prize in the junior category of Hack Weekend KCH, a hackaton event held in conjunction with the Tegas Youth Forum 2017 recently.

He is currently developing a second app for small entrepreneurs in Sarawak to market their products.

Such a high-achiever, this boy.

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