These Are The Places In KL City Where You'll Most Likely Get Robbed, Snatch Theft

Unarmed robberies and snatch theft cases are on the rise.

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These Are The Places In KL City Where You'll Most Likely Get Robbed, Snatch Theft

Where's Batman when we need him?

The next time you decide to take a stroll in KL city, do remember to be vigilant and take extra good care of your belongings.

That's because KL city cops have recorded a massive rise in robbery without weapons and snatch theft cases this year.

City police chief Comm Datuk Mazlan Lazim told The Star Online that such cases saw a 57 per cent increase from last year.

So far this year, the police have received 1,010 reports of such cases, up from 640 cases last year. That's actually pretty alarming.

According to Mazlan, these petty thieves are "opportunists" who go around looking for opportunities to rob and steal from those who are being careless or less attentive with their belongings.

Be careful; snatch thieves are watching.The police, said Mazlan, have identified a couple of "hotspots" where these crimes are most likely to happen.

These places are Jalan Bukit BintangJalan Tunku Abdul RahmanJalan Imbi and the roads near shopping malls, such as Suria KLCC and Pavilion.

In fact, last year, the city cops received around seven to eight police reports on snatch theft a day.

So, anytime you're near these places, do be careful, 'kay?

However, the silver lining is that the overall crime rate in the city has reportedly decreased by more than 25 per cent, from 15,785 cases last year to 11,815 cases recorded this year.

But still, we honestly think KL city needs a Batman. Right, guys?

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