Bank Negara Just Launched These Super Cool 60th National Day Commemorative Bank Notes

The notes also feature all 15 of our former and current Yang Di-Pertuan Agungs.

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Bank Negara Just Launched These Super Cool 60th National Day Commemorative Bank Notes
Image: Bank Negara Malaysia
If you are an avid bank note collector, well, today may just be a good day for you!

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has recently unveiled its latest commemorative notes collection, featuring RM60 and RM600 bank notes to commemorate our 60th National Day and also the anniversary of the signing of the Federation of Malaya Independence Agreement.

The RM600 notes will be sold for RM1,700 per piece, while the RM60 notes will be sold for RM120 per piece.

If you wish to buy the uncut 3-in-1 piece of the RM60 note, it will cost you RM500 per piece.

That's one big note with a very big value.
It even features photos from the actual signing ceremony!
We wish we could afford the RM600 note...
The notes can be used in your daily cash transactions with the face value stated on the note. But with the amount of price paid for the note, we doubt that anyone would want to use them.

Besides, we think it's too pretty and the only place it deserves to be in is an album, a safe, or maybe a picture frame.

The RM600 note is also said to be the “biggest note in the world”, measuring 370mm by 220mm. The design was based on the theme "Raja Payung Kedaulatan Negara" and also has heightened security features.

The bank notes are printed in limited quantity, so be sure to be among the first to place your orders when it goes on sale on 5 January 2018.

Apart from bank notes, four commemorative coins were also issued by BNM.

The types of coins offered by the bank are gold, silver, copper, and Nordic gold brilliant uncirculated which has the face value of RM300, RM150, RM15, and RM1 respectively.

These are some coins that you DO NOT want to misplace.
Which one will you get?
The gold coins will be sold via public auction starting from RM4,000 per piece while the remaining coins will be sold for RM1,000 (silver), RM200 (copper) and RM11 (Nordic gold brilliant uncirculated).

For more info, you can visit Bank Negara Malaysia’s Facebook page or visit their website.

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