Malaysia’s Last Female Sumatran Rhino Is Recovering Following Tumour Burst

Let’s hope and pray that Iman has a speedy recovery.

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Malaysia’s Last Female Sumatran Rhino Is Recovering Following Tumour Burst
Image: The Star
About a week ago, we shared news that the last female Sumatran Rhino in Malaysia, Iman, is on the verge of death after suffering from uterine leiomyoma tumour which has burst.

Her condition was said to be treatable, but the rhino has refused to leave her mud for treatment and has not been eating.

It wasn't an ideal situation, but thankfully it didn't last. 

A few days later, they were some positive progress when Iman finally left her mud swamp and vets were able to provide her with treatment.

According to The Starshe is now recovering but is still under strict monitoring. 

A team of Borneo Rhino Alliance veterinarians are reportedly keeping watch around-the-clock and is happy to disclose that Iman is building up an appetite.

“She is eating more each day although it is still inadequate. She consumed 1.5kg of mixed browse (five species of foliage) in the morning and another 1.5kg on Saturday afternoon,” Sabah Wildlife Department director Augustine Tuuga told the English daily.

Although it looks like the last female Sumatran rhino is doing well, she is still suffering from vaginal discharge.

Vets are also continuously covering her body with mud to cool her down and to prevent flies or insects from getting to her.

Sumatran rhinos have been declared as a critically endangered species as there are only about 100 rhinos left in the world and only two in Malaysia.

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