Here's Why 2017 Was Dubbed The Safest Year In Commercial Aviation History

We survived another year, and let’s hope the data will stay that way in 2018.

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Here's Why 2017 Was Dubbed The Safest Year In Commercial Aviation History
The year 2017 had the commercial aviation industry cheering with joy and sighing in relief after it was revealed that zero deaths were recorded in commercial passenger jets last year.

This makes it the safest year in commercial airline history, according to Dutch aviation consulting firm To70 and the Aviation Safety Network.

Both companies noted that there were indeed “no commercial passenger jet fatalities in 2017.”

Zero is the number.
Despite the clean sheet, Aviation Safety Network reported that 10 fatal airliner accidents did happen in 2017, resulting in 44 deaths onboard 35 people on the ground. These accidents, however, involved only cargo planes and commercial passenger turbo prop aircraft, not commercial airlines.

The number of deaths in 2017 decreased as compared to 2016, with 16 accidents and 303 deaths officially reported.

The last fatal airliner accident took place in November 2016, when an aircraft carrying the Brazilian Chapecoense football team crashed and killed most of the passengers. Only six survived out of the 77.

In 2015, Malaysia made headlines after the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 went missing followed by the crash of MH17 which was shot from the ground.

Let’s pray that the commercial aviation industry will maintain this record in 2018 and may all our journeys on air be safe. 

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