There Were 1,172 Police Reports Lodged Against Bomohs In 2017

Instead of hoping to get your problem solved, now you have another problem.

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There Were 1,172 Police Reports Lodged Against Bomohs In 2017
Image for illustration purposes only. (Credit: Liew Seng Tat/Everything Films)
Our Malaysian police task force handles hundreds or thousands of police reports every day. From cybercrimes to robbery, identity theft to domestic abuse, you name it.

But did you know that they have also been receiving police reports against bomohs or mediums and even supernatural cases over the years?

The Star reported that the Malaysian police has received 1,172 police reports against bomohs in 2017. January was the highest month of the year with 129 reports lodged.

The reports were lodged due to blackmail for additional payment from bomohs, scams using amulets and prayer items, sexual assault, workmate casting spells and bewitching them, and many more.

There's a lot of spooky business going on in the police station.
Besides reports against bomohs, there were also reports by victims claiming to be hypnotised and then robbed. There were more police reports made in regards to these cases; 1,320 reports were filed with the highest number of cases coming in July (136).

Most of the victims who have lodged these reports are unfortunately elderly people.

Being hypnotised or ‘pukau’ isn’t something unheard of in our country, and a lot of unsuspecting victims have fallen prey to this method. Strangers will go up to a victim and hypnotise them, and when they are in a state of trance, their belongings were either be stolen or unwillingly given to the stranger.

Most cases lodged against bomohs or for hypnotisation are investigated under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating.

But do you know what our abang polis have to go through while investigating these cases? They are often threatened to be harmed with witchcraft by the bomohs.

Yikes! Let's pray that our policemen are protected physically and spiritually.

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