You Can Now Buy An Insurance Plan For Your Precious Furkids

Works like a hooman insurance plan.

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You Can Now Buy An Insurance Plan For Your Precious Furkids

Don't worry hoomans, your precious little furkids are covered!

Local insurance company MSIG Insurance (M) Bhd has just introduced a first-of-its-kind insurance plan for your pets.

According to a statement released by the insurance company, the plans come in three different annual premiums based on your needs: RM200, RM350 and RM500.

The insurance plan will cover the reimbursement of veterinary bills and, in case your pets go missing (touch wood!), advertising or reward expenses as well.

The plan will also reimburse the owner with the purchase price or adoption fee of their pet in the event of accidental death.

Other benefits include reimbursement of burial or cremation costs, boarding kennel and cattery fees and third party coverage for legal costs or expenses incurred due to accidental injury or damage to property caused by your furkid.

If your furkid is anything like Brian from 'Family Guy', you'll need this insurance plan.

That's going to cost a lot of money.
Here's the most important bit: currently, only good boys (doggos) and grumpy cats (kitties) are eligible for this insurance plan.

(Sorry Steve the goldfish, maybe next year.)

To be eligible for the insurance plan, your pet must be aged between 12 weeks to nine years and does not have any pre-existing injuries or physical disabilities.

Your furkids must also be micro-chipped, licensed and not be a member of any breed that is banned by the government.

If you want to insure your pets, head on over to MSIG Malaysia's official website by clicking here.

They'll heart you for life!

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