Apple May Cut The iPhone X Before Its First Anniversary? What?

The last time this happened was when the iPhone 5C was discontinued.

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Apple May Cut The iPhone X Before Its First Anniversary? What?
Image: Apple / YouTube
If you’ve been pacing back and forth your bedroom for the past couple of months trying to decide whether or not it is necessary to splurge on the iPhone X, hold your horses for just a bit. 

It is possible that the first generation of Apple's most expensive iPhone won't live to celebrate its first birthday.

LCD display or not, we still cannot afford it.According to AppleInsider, KGI Securities analyst Kuo Ming-Chi predicted that Apple may stop production of the first generation iPhone X as early as summer this year, mainly because of weak demand and disappointing sales.

This would not be the first time Apple has cancelled something off of their iPhone lineup. Remember the colourful iPhone 5Cs back in 2014? Despite the bright colours, people were not interested at all. So Apple decided to cut them out after just one generation. 

At one point, the colours did seem intriguing.
However, it would be unfair to say that people are not interested in the iPhone X. The one factor that is most likely contributing to its poor sales is the price tag. But to discontinue the model after less than a year is still quite shocking, considering the phone's design, quality and performance.

We are all aware that Apple is known to release a new iPhone model every year and they would still continue to make and sell their older models but at a lower price. If you walk into any Apple or Machines store right now, you can still buy an iPhone 6 or iPhone SE off the racks.

On the other hand, Kuo noted that launching a second generation iPhone X later this year and reducing the price of the first batch is not a wise move in Apple's eyes because this would affect the product's brand value and new model lineup.

Besides that, he also added that selling iPhone X at a lower price would negatively impact the new 6.1-inch iPhone with Face ID and LCD display estimated to launch in the second half of 2018.

So if Kuo's predictions are correct, it would make sense to kill off the first generation iPhone X and release the second generation at the same price.

But for our sake, please lower the price when it reaches Malaysia at least. Pretty please, Apple?

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