A Study Revealed That 65% Malaysians Always Think About Work While On A Vacation

Every day think about work, now holiday also still thinking about work?!

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A Study Revealed That 65% Malaysians Always Think About Work While On A Vacation
Taking a break from work and going on a vacation is something that we Malaysians dream of every day, behind our sad lilttle cubicle desk. When the time comes, you’ll get an instant jolt of excitement knowing that you’re finally going off on a holiday and leaving work behind.

Or so you thought.

A study recently conducted by the British Airways revealed a lot about Malaysians’ holiday habits in 2017 - and they are mostly not good.

While we can agree that almost everyone loves going on vacation (60 per cent of the respondents admitted to taking two or more holidays abroad in 2017), it seems that work did not really leave their minds even when they are on holiday.

It was found that 65 per cent of Malaysians think about work or other commitments whilst on vacation, which could in turn effect the duration and quality of their vacation.

When you've got to put your corporate thinking cap on while on holiday.
In the survey, 57 per cent of Malaysians admitted that they worry about the piling workload when they take a two-week break (to be honest, we’d start worrying after the third day) and 21 per cent of them even feared asking for such long breaks.

This could also due to their company’s policy or environment as 55 per cent of them feel that their company discourages long-breaks.

Despite worrying over workload and other factors, 51 per cent of Malaysians did take five to nine days off for a holiday abroad in 2017.

And as for the most coveted destination Malaysians are looking forward to visiting this year, 64 per cent preferred an Asian cultural vacation while 68 per cent opted for a city break or a beach holiday in Europe.

When your boss calls you during your vacation.
While you’re busy plotting your next vacation, some of your colleagues might not even have the word ‘vacation’ cross their minds.

We know that everyone has this one colleague who doesn’t go on vacations or rarely takes any leaves, so he or she probably contributed to the 76 per cent of Malaysians who admitted to acumulating their leave days until the end of the year.

Among the reasons cited were they were “saving up” for a holiday that never took place or that they were “too busy to take time off.”

Can transfer your annual leave to us, ah? Cause we want to go on a one-month long road trip!

So, what do you think of these findings? Do you agree with it? We know that due to the work culture here in Malaysia, most of you can’t hundred per cent ‘switch off’ from work even while on vacation.

But hey, at least you’re thinking about it from an exotic location thousands of kilometers away from your office.

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