oBike Is Working With The Police To Stop All These Uncivilised Acts Of Vandalism

This needs to stop.

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oBike Is Working With The Police To Stop All These Uncivilised Acts Of Vandalism
Image: New Straits Times
Since last year, we've been spotting more and more of these yellow-lined bicycles around Klang Valley.

Whether they were neatly parked in a row as pictured above...

Or hanging from a tree like this...

This isn't funny, guys.
oBike, the first dockless bicycle sharing service in Malaysia, is making a name for itself in the city for both good and bad reasons.

The good is the fact that this Singapore-based company is changing the landscape of public transportation by introducing a more efficient and sustainable way to commute. At the same time,
their long-term goal is also to help save energy and reduce carbon emission.

However, the bad side is the mentality of certain groups of people that don't have proper civil sense.

To utilise this bike-sharing service, you just need to download the oBike application on Apple App Store or Google Play Store, register an account, top-up some money, unlock the bicycle using the app, and ride away.

Once you're done using the bicycle, just park at any designated oBike zone or public bicycle parking areas, manually lock the bicycle by pulling the lock level downwards, and that's it. It's that simple.

But apparently, it's not simple enough for some people.

Over the months, oBikes were found left in the drain, dumped by the side of the road, and some were even left broken without brakes, pedals or tyres.

And it isn't even yours to begin with.Why would you need a bicycle seat on its own?
This should not be the way city folks function. So, oBike has decided to work with the higher authorities to stop these vandalism acts once and for all.

oBike Malaysia marketing manager Elaine Chan said in a Bernama report that the company will be working closely with the police to take action against these culprits.

They are always looking to the police for advice, as well as the local authorities, hotels and public transportation agencies for insights on possible vandalism cases. This will be used as evidence for instances when they need to make a police report.

Besides that, Chan added that oBike has also tightened the security features on each bike, including fixing seats that cannot be removed, upgrading the smart lock system and notifying the user on the app whenever they go out of the designated zone.

So come on, guys. If you actually use one of these, be civil about it. If you spot anyone doing something they shouldn't be doing to the bicycle, stop them or report them to the local authorities.

We're better than this.

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