eSports In Malaysian Schools Is Really (Probably) Becoming A Real Thing

Talks are underway.

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eSports In Malaysian Schools Is Really (Probably) Becoming A Real Thing
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For once, the government is pretty efficient.

The Star Online reported that talks are underway to incorporate eSports into the public school syllabus.

According to the news site, the Education Ministry has had talks with the Youth and Sports Ministry to find the best way to implement eSports in schools.

Deputy Education Minister Datuk P. Kamalanathan said currently, there are two options: make eSports a co-curriculum activity, or introduce it as a new syllabus.

“In my opinion, the syllabus has to be something that can be changed and improved upon to match the times,” he was quoted as saying.

Although no timeline was given on when eSports would make its debut in schools, Kamalanathan said its fine for schools to form their own own eSports club, "but only within their means".

Oh, we would so belong.
We won't be the first country in South East Asia to introduce eSports as a subject in school, though.

A high school in Jakarta, Indonesia recently introduced eSports as a new subject in their school, with sponsorships by gaming companies Steelseries and MSI computers.

Not only that, SMA 1 PKSD (the name of the high school, by the way) will be offering scholarships to students who want to pursue eSports as a career.

Now, there's no reason for your parents to stop you from playing video games, but please do not be like this guy:

'Look ma, I'm a gamer'

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