Sazzy Falak Collaborates with iM4U to Help Bring Joy to Those in Need This Ramadan

She wants them to feel like the queen or king of the Earth this Hari Raya.

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Sazzy Falak Collaborates with iM4U to Help Bring Joy to Those in Need This Ramadan
Sazzy Falak poses with happy residents of Pusat Jagaan Titian OKU Nur. (Image: iM4U)
Sazzy Falak is no stranger to our TV screens, she's known for her roles in the local drama series of Gol & Gincu and Kami, as well as hosting numerous TV shows including How Do I Look? Asia. This budding entrepreneur and a mother of two has a flair for fashion, when we met her recently, she was rocking a blond hairdo which she carried with confidence. It's probably her passion in fashion that led to iM4U to approach her to work with them for this year's Fabrik Kasih iM4U programme.

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On the 15th of June, we attended an exclusive fitting with Sazzy Falak at Pusat Jagaan Titian OKU Nur in Rawang for a programme she collaborated with iM4U – Fabrik Kasih iM4U bersama Kumpulan Sunway. We were given the opportunity to witness some of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ process prior to their main event this 29th June, which is the break fasting event and delegation of Hari Raya outfits to four selected homes – Pusat Jagaan Orang Tua Al Ikhlas, Persatuan Ibu Tunggal Warga Sabah & Semenanjung, and Rumah Anak Yatim Limpahan Kasih. 

After mingling with some of the home residents and seeing them don their Hari Raya outfits gleefully, we sat down with Sazzy Falak for an exclusive interview on why she decided to join this initiative and her design inspirations.

Image: iM4U
Rojak Daily (RD): Hello Sazzy, how are you?
Sazzy Falak (SF): Hello! I’m fine, thanks for asking.

RD:  For starters, let’s talk about your latest project, Fabrik Kasih 1M4U bersama Kumpulan Sunway. How did you get involved with it?
SF: The programme kicked off last year with one of our local designers, Fairuz Ramdan. So, when 1M4U approached me for the second instalment of Fabrik Kasih this year, I thought to myself, of course! For the past few years I’ve been doing a lot of breaking fast events with orphans and single mothers, so this year I decided to concentrate all my efforts for this programme. I’m kinda bummed that I won’t be able to spend time with the orphans and single mothers for the first time this year but it’s okay, I’m still doing something different but with the same cause. Which is why I agreed to do Fabrik Kasih, it’s the perfect combination of the two things I love – helping those in need and fashion.

RD: Sounds interesting! So can you tell us about the designs and how many looks have you planned out for Fabrik Kasih?
SF: My team and I came up with the concept this year which is floral and pastel. The reason we chose this concept is because pastel is one of the in colours for 2016 and floral is also trending if you’ve seen the spring/summer collections from fashion designers all over the world. Apart from that, I feel that floral print is something that we Malaysians can relate to because we come from a tropical country. We have designed a total of six different looks for each home, three designs for women, and another three for men. We put a lot of thought in the designing process and took consideration of who is going to wear the clothes, in terms of functionality, age, and gender which is why we don’t want everyone to end up looking the same.

RD: How involved were you in the designing process?
SF: The designing process started off with my team, after we came up with the concept, we briefed the vocational school teachers and they got back to their students. We worked with a few vocational schools in Malaysia to help us produce the designs and garments. The following week, the students came to me to present their designs and ideas. We chose the top three looks to be produced and guided them on how to produce designs that has a high functionality and may aid its wearer (for example those OKUs who were bedridden) as well as simplifying the designs to meet the deadline.  We pretty much had a say in everything.

RD: What are your expectations for the big event?
SF: I honestly have no idea how the event is going to be, because my focus has been purely on the residents of these homes. I’ll probably call up a few celebrity friends to come and support me, but my priority right now is to make sure everything fits; there are no outstanding issues or wardrobe malfunctions. My goal is to make sure these folks feel amazing, beautiful, and handsome when Hari Raya comes. I just want them to feel awesome, like they’re the king and queen of the Earth.

RD: We’re sure they’ll feel like royalty when the day comes. So, why do you think it’s important to give back to society?
SF: Well, I’ve been doing it long enough to shape me to who I am today. I’m now more appreciative of what I have in life because sometimes I tend to forget that I have it all. Being with these people and seeing them happy with whatever they have makes you realize that you have to be grateful of whatever life throws at you. These people, they don’t ask for much, they’ll be happy to receive anything; it doesn’t matter if the things they get are expensive or cheap, they’ll value it. We should stop sweating over the little things and put more attention to the bigger picture which is them. At the end of the day, it’s not about focusing on yourself; it’s putting others before you.

Image: iM4U
RD: Wise words from a wise lady! We know your efforts will pay off and it’ll help put a smile on their faces. 
SF: I certainly hope so.

RD: Thank you Sazzy for your time and good luck on the big event!
SF: Thank you for having me as well!

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