You Can Soon Share Lists As Your Facebook Status Update

Now the whole world will know your 'To Do' lists.

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You Can Soon Share Lists As Your Facebook Status Update
Image: Facebook
We all love making lists, and soon, you will be able to do it on Facebook.

The social network is adding a new 'Lists' feature to the status update box, alongside other items like Feelings/Activity, Photo/Video, GIFs, Check In and Polls.

Something for the world to know.
This is the perfect addition for those who need lists for everything under the sun, such as places to go, restaurants to try, bucket lists and the one thing we might see a lot more on our News Feed very soon, to do lists.

We can be more creative than this, right?
You can choose between a numbered or bulleted list, and of course, decorate it with emojis and colours. And if you see a list you like from your friend, you can even copy them as your update (if they're okay with that lah).

What's in your bucket list?
Essentially, this is Facebook's ongoing effort to get users to share more personal content now because that was basically how the social network started - sharing what we're doing, what we like, what we like, what we don't like, and etc.

But over the years, Facebook has turned into a news website filled with news, links, videos and ads from brands and business. So the company's goal is to bring back the good old days of 'social' media.

This feature will be made available to everyone very soon. Meanwhile, here are some list ideas that you can share:
  • Recipes I need to learn
  • Thoughts I had while sitting in the toilet
  • Islands I want to visit after the monsoon season
  • TV series to binge-watch this Chinese New Year

Have fun making your lists!

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