Another Malaysian City Has Been Named The Cleanest In ASEAN

This town is famous for food, coffee and pre-war buildings that look like they never aged.

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Another Malaysian City Has Been Named The Cleanest In ASEAN
Image: CatchThatBus
Last month, it was reported that George Town is now officially recognised as a clean city by the Tourism Ministry.

Not only is it declared a clean city in Malaysia, the Penang capital is also formally known to be one of the cleanest cities in Southeast Asia.

Now, another town has come forward to rival George Town for the title as the cleanest tourist city in ASEAN and the answer might surprise you.

The Star reported that the historical town of Muar in Johor received the ASEAN Clean Tourist City Standard Award 2017 last month, a status that could potentially boost the state's tourism.

Muar has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the southern state because of all the pre-war buildings here with British, Malay, Chinese, Indian, Peranakan and Dutch elements that have been preserved till this day.

Pre-war buildings line the streets of Muar, Johor till today.
Besides the historical buildings, this town is also famous for one thing all Malaysians and tourists love - food. 

Many visitors flock to Muar for their popular mee bandungasam pedasotak-otak, fried oyster omelettes, grilled fish and chicken rice balls (not to be confused with the Melaka version because Muar's balls are apparently bigger).

These otak-otak Muar are making our stomachs rumble.
Another highlight of Muar's food scene is its coffee shops and hawker centres. Those of you who have had breakfast here would know that this is the only place that serves satay for breakfast.

Do you think they do breakfast delivery to KL?

In all seriousness, Muar a.k.a the Royal City of Johor is definitely set to attract more domestic and foreign tourists in the near future thanks to its new clean city status.

One thing's for sure, we're planning a trip down south very soon!

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