This Abandoned Stable In Klang Will Be Turned Into Futsal Courts

The facility was closed down 10 years ago because it was too expensive to maintain.

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This Abandoned Stable In Klang Will Be Turned Into Futsal Courts
Image: The Star
We're just a few months away from the 2018 FIFA World Cup and all eyes are set on the world's biggest football event.

More people are starting to catch the football fever, so it's normal to see Malaysians all around getting into the sport once again.

This is why the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) has decided to turn the abandoned horse stable in Taman Sri Andalas into public futsal courts, as reported by The Star.

The new facility will provide residents in the neighbourhood with better recreational activities and expose more teenagers to sports.

At the moment, renovation works have already begun at the former stable's sand paddock area. The existing building is also being renovated to accommodate employees who will be managing the futsal courts.

For those who do plan to use the futsal courts in the future, although it is a public area, do take note that there will be a small fee.

Currently, the parks in Klang are reportedly not built for fast-paced sports. So the upcoming courts will pave the way for the neighbourhood.

Does this mean we'll see more futsal and football players coming out of Klang?
Apart from the futsal courts, residents in the area have proposed for the council to build netball and basketball courts as well. The other side of the futsal court can also be turned into a football pitch to attract more football enthusiasts.

The community around Taman Sri Andalas is thrilled to see this move by the council because the stable has been abandoned for a long time.

As many would know, equestrian is not a cheap sport. In fact, MPK decided to shut down the equine facility in 2008 because it was just too expensive to maintain.

So it's good to see the space being turned into something that more people will utilise, hopefully.

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