Good News, Malaysians; You Can Expect Cheaper Durians This Year!

Finally, some good news!

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Good News, Malaysians; You Can Expect Cheaper Durians This Year!
Image: The Malay Mail Online

Finally, a piece of good news worth celebrating!

If you're a true durian head, be prepared to pump both your fists in the air and celebrate.

According to a report by The Star Online, Malaysians can expect cheaper durians this year.

Do the dance, people. Do the dance!
This is due to the unexpected rise in bumper crop this year.

The bumper crop is expected to last until the end of next month, which was surprising, according to durian farmers and wholesellers interviewed by the news portal.

The reason for the rise in bumper crop? The above-normal hot weather we've been experiencing these past couple of months.

The durian season usually falls between June to September with the various types of durians grown in different parts of the country peaking at different times.

However, the hot weather -- described by durian farm owners as the "perfect weather" -- has helped produce a bumper crop this month.

So, something good actually came out of the hot weather after all.

Durians for everybody!According to the news portal, in Penang, durian prices have reportedly already been slashed in half.

The price of the Musang King, which was sold at RM125 per kg last year, is now reportedly priced at between RM50 to RM65 per kg.

The Black Thorn Grade A variant is now reportedly going for RM75 per kg compared to RM100 last year.

Other popular, 'vintage' variants of the durian such as the Hor-Lor and the D158 also saw a minor drop of between RM7 to RM10 per kg this year.

So, what are you waiting guys waiting for? Grab some of your durian-loving buddies and go crazy. For a list of the best durian buffets in the Klang Valley, click here.

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