This Is The Car Model That Thieves Like To Steal The Most In Malaysia

Not the model you probably had in mind.

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This Is The Car Model That Thieves Like To Steal The Most In Malaysia
Image: The New Straits Times

If you drive a Mercedes Benz...

...don't worry, your car is safe because car thieves have no interest in stealing your car.

Same goes for those of you who drive some of Malaysia's best selling cars such as the Perodua Myvi, Honda City or the Toyota Vios; your car is also safe.

According to an exclusive report by The Star Online's Eddie Chua, the model that car thieves usually like to jack is none other than the Proton Wira.

Surprised or not?
The news portal revealed that a total of 654 Proton Wiras were stolen last year, making it number one on the stolen cars list.

Mark Lim, the chief executive of General Insurance Association of Malaysia (PIAM), told The Star Online in an exclusive interview that there's only one reason why car thieves would go for the Wira: to sell them for parts.

According to Lim, spare parts for the Wira are becoming more and more scarce as production has reportedly stopped for this car model.

Therefore, parts for the model - especially the dashboard, control panels, the handbrake level and yes, even the steering wheel - are becoming increasingly difficult to find in the open market.

Somewhere out there, a car thief is drooling.
The portal also revealed that a Proton Wira could fetch up to RM4,500 at a second-hand dealership if it's in good condition, but up to RM7,000 if it was chopped up and sold as seperate parts.

Putting one and one together, it's no wonder car thieves would rather steal a Proton Wira than a Perodua Myvi. So, if you're driving a Wira, consider yourself warned, okay?

To read the rest of The Star Online's pretty eye-opening report, click this link right here

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