It's Now Easier To Tell Everyone On WhatsApp When You Change Your Number

Unless you don't want to.

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It's Now Easier To Tell Everyone On WhatsApp When You Change Your Number
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Gone are the days when we had to text people individually whenever we change our phone numbers.

If you don't find that a hassle, then you must either have a lot of patience or time on your hands.

In recent years, (nearly) everyone's favourite text messaging application WhatsApp gives those with a new phone number the option to 'Change Number' in the 'Settings'. 

By doing so, all your account info, groups and settings from your current phone number will be migrated to the new one, so you don't have to do it manually. 

All the chat groups you're currently in will receive a notification that you have changed your phone number. 

You can also migrate your chat histories to the new phone number.
Now, WhatsApp has decided to further improve the 'Change Number' feature.

The app now gives you the option to notify all contacts, notify contacts that you have chat with or manually select whom to notify.

But even if you don't want a certain someone to know that you changed your phone number, all your existing chat groups will still be notified regardless.

At the moment, the new feature is only available to Android users. You can do so by updating your WhatsApp to the 2.18.97 Android beta version.

As for iOS and Windows Phone users, you'll have to wait just a little bit longer.

Well, you don't have to worry as long as you're not changing your phone number anytime soon, right?

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