This Woman Is The First Malaysian To Compete In The Sahara Desert Marathon

The event is said to be the most challenging marathon in the world.

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This Woman Is The First Malaysian To Compete In The Sahara Desert Marathon
Image: The Star
While some of you are probably resting up after last weekend's Standard Charted's Kuala Lumpur International Marathon (SCKLM), a Malaysian woman is currently in the midst of completing a different marathon.

If you thought that the SCKLM was a challenge, wait till you hear what this woman has to go through to complete her marathon.

Meet Datin Sue Ding, a 41-year-old who's half the world away from us competing in the world's toughest marathon to date - Marathon des Sables (MdS) in the Sahara Desert.

May the force be with you!
If you've never heard of the Sahara Desert, well, it's the largest hot desert in the world with temperatures soaring up to 47 degrees. The desert is also the third largest in the world. 

To make things worse for Sue Ding, the Saharan marathon is 250km and will take eight days to complete.

So, imagine Sue Ding having to endure scorching weather probably 10 times hotter than Malaysia for more than a week along sand dunes and rough terrain.

The marathon participants will also get a glimpse of camels along the way!
Aiya just looking at this picture is making us sweat.
However, her amazing feat isn't just to gain recognition, it's for a far more noble cause.

The England-based law practioner hopes to raise RM250,000 for Make-A-Wish-Malaysia (MAWM) and Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB).

You can wish this kind-hearted warrior all the best by leaving her a message here. (Psst, don't forget to include her bib number - 784.

You can contribute to Sue Ding's charitable cause by donating here.

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