AirAsia Offers Flat Rate Fares So Everyone Can #PulangMengundi For #GE14

Don’t bug Tony Fernandes for cheaper flights anymore, ok?

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AirAsia Offers Flat Rate Fares So Everyone Can #PulangMengundi For #GE14
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In the wake of Malaysia’s impractical election date – 9 May, which falls on a Wednesday – a lot of Malaysians have been expressing their frustration over the skyrocketing prices of airfares.

Many of them, ranging from those working full-time and students, wish to return back to their hometown but are faced with financial woes as some tickets reportedly cost up to over RM600 for a return domestic trip.
As usual, everyone took to social media to voice their disappointment and pleaded with local airline companies to run a special promotion just for the special ocassion. 

Well, it seems that your online rants and endless tagging of AirAsia and Tony Fernandes on Twitter has finally paid off as the low-cost carrier has announced a special fixed fare for polling day.

Hurry up guys, before your preferred time slot is sold out.
Flights to anywhere within Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia are priced at a flat rate of RM99 while flights to Sarawak and Sabah are priced at RM129 and RM199 respectively for one way.
The promo fare is only applicable for travelling dates between 8 May and 9 May 2018 only.

So now, everyone can vote!

Prior to the official announcement, Tony Fernandes tweeted: “While @AirAsia should not be the only airline doing this we will help.  We will freeze whatever seats we have not sold for day before and say after and put those seats on low fares. And put extra flights.  Should be out by Monday.”
This was followed by other tweets announcing the fixed rates and also the use of AirAsia’s aircraft, the AirAsia X 330, at times where it is not used for flying.

Impatient Malaysians bombarded Fernandes’ mentions which prompted him to ask them to be patient and even lashed out at a Twitter user by saying “Why would I announce this if we not going to do it !!!!!!!!! Unbelievable some Malaysians.”
Well, guess he was so pressured, the airline decided to announce the new airfare at 2am on Friday.

So guys, we hope that you will grab this chance to return to your hometown and exercise your rights as a voter.

For more info regarding the airfare, click here.

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