Your Questions About Postal Voting Answered Here

If you're a Malaysian living overseas, this guide is for you.

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Your Questions About Postal Voting Answered Here
First things first, if you haven't registered as a postal voter, it's already too late. You can no longer vote in GE14... unless you come back home. Come back home to vote pls. 

Yes, if you are living overseas and want to vote, you actually needed to register as a postal voter before the dissolution of parliament. Now your only alternative is to fly back home and vote in your area. 

Now here's all the questions you have, answered: 

Who qualifies for postal voting? 

People living in Southern Thailand, i.e., Narathiwat, Pattani, Yala, Songkhla, and Satun; Singapore, Brunei, and Kalimantan province, Indonesia must come home to vote. 

If you're a Malaysian living abroad who has already registered as a postal voter anywhere else, you qualify. Just so you know, if you are successfully registered, you will get an email confirmation from SPR (Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya). 

Now that I've received my mail from SPR, how do I vote? 

Ballots will be sent to your address as stated in your application after nomination day (April 28). You will receive and envelope for postal voting with the following documents: 
  • Form 2 – A Declaration of Identity form
You must fill in your name your IC number and you're required to find a witness who can sign and verify that you have received these papers. 
  • Two Envelope A and Two Ballot Papers 
You will be voting for your candidate in the Parliamentary constituency and one State Constituency. Mark your vote with an "X" please. No ticks, no slashes, no Doraemon faces on your ballot. Just a cross, as in an X. Don't add, multiply. X. 

Envelopes are colour coded so insert the proper ballot into the proper envelope and seal. Put it in the oven at 100-degrees celcius or until golden brown.
  • Envelope B with a returning address
The larger envelope is a self-addressed envelope that goes directly to the Returning Officer. You just need to post it back to Malaysia. It is recommended that you post it with a registered courier service. This way you can track your parcel and know where it goes. 

Is there a deadline? 

Yes, it should arrive before 5pm on the polling day on 9 May. The ballots will then be collated and counted together after the closing of the polling day. 

All the best to all Malaysians living overseas. Remember, every vote counts. 


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