Remember The Coconut Raja Bomoh? He Wants To Contest In #GE14

Guess where will he be contesting.

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Remember The Coconut Raja Bomoh? He Wants To Contest In #GE14
Image: AFP via Today Online
A few years ago, an unconventional bomoh rose to fame for all the wrong reasons not only in Malaysia but also around the world after he claimed that he could find the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 by using coconuts, a ‘flying’ carpet, and a few bamboo sticks.

His antics garnered some unwanted attention and he made quite a lasting impression on everyone that he's still remembered up till this day.

Well, he hasn’t found MH370 yet and we thought his antics would just eventually die off but boy, were we wrong.

Remember this whole fiasco?
Now it seems that he’s back with a new mission, one that might shock you a little.

Raja Bomoh or Ibrahim Mat Zin has announced that he wants to take part in the upcoming 14th General Election.

The Star reported that a memo has been circulated to several media outlets regarding his intention to stand in both a Parliament and State Assembly seat in Perak.

A press conference will reportedly be held by the 67-year-old bomoh himself on Tuesday in Ipoh.

So, Perak peeps, are you guys willing to vote for the Raja Bomoh? Wonder what his manifesto will look like. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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