One In Three Malaysian Young Adults Are Suffering From Quarter-Life Crisis

Do you feel pressured to succeed in your relationship and career?

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One In Three Malaysian Young Adults Are Suffering From Quarter-Life Crisis
Image: Huffington Post
Are you unhappy with where you are in life right now? Do you feel like time is running out?

If you're currently in your twenties or thirties and your answer to both questions is 'yes', you might be experiencing a quarter-life crisis.

Quarter-life crisis is a period in life faced by young adults where they start doubting their own lives because of stress related to 'adulting'.

To a certain extent, this stress can lead to anxiety and depression among young adults in both genders.

It is never too late to start anything.
In fact, young Malaysians are facing increasing pressure to succeed personally and professionally before they turn 30, according to LinkedIn.

In a survey conducted by the professional network, 32 per cent of males and 29 per cent of females admitted that they are affected by quarter-life crisis.

Among 1,003 Malaysian youth who were involved in the survey, about three quarters of them felt pressured to succeed, whether in relationships, career or finances, despite already having full-time jobs.

Some suffered anxiety trying to find a job or career that they are passionate about.

Workplace depression is real among young Malaysian working adults.
Many who were seeking career advice said that they couldn't ask for help because they didn't have the right connections. Hence leading one-third of them to start a whole new career.

We don't mean to sound like a broken record, but half of the respondents also felt that they are not getting enough support to progress in their workplace. Does this sound familiar to some of you?
So LinkedIn launched a Career Advice hub to help young Malaysians address job and career challenges. The company has created a place for people to seek advice from mentors on areas like career change, managing finances, learning opportunities and work-life balance. 

Employers must play a conscious role in protecting their employees' well-being.
But this is not a job just for the employees or career counsellors. Employers should also consciously support their staff because they are in a better position to attract and retain talent if they do so.

So it is important for employers to understand what millennials want and give them the opportunity to grow, including providing career guidance, mentorship, learning and upskilling opportunities within the company.

And to all the young Malaysians out there, here are some tips by LinkedIn on how you can beat quarter-life crisis:

Everybody is on a different timeline in life.

#1 Stop comparing yourself to others

Always keep in mind that everyone is at a different stage in life, whether personal or career. So don't compare your journey with someone else's, especially what you see on social media.

#2 Seek advice

Step out of your comfort zone and look for answers from people who are more experienced than you. Whether it is a senior employee at your workplace or career mentor from a professional network, it is crucial that you consult others or even share your experiences and insights to help you progress.

#3 Upskill and learn

Never stop learning. We should also seek out training opportunities, either from your company or online platforms and constantly learn new things. Picking up a new skill and brushing up on your knowledge can open doors that you may never have expected, which will definitely help you progress in your career.

#4 Consider all options

Whether it is starting a new career or progressing with your current role, it is necessary to be aware of your possibilities and know your potential. When you understand what your employment benefits are, you could have more options available to you. This can help you in making a more informed decision.

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