MCMC Promises Faster And Cheaper Broadband By Next Year

Is it possible?

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MCMC Promises Faster And Cheaper Broadband By Next Year
Image: Nikkei Asian Review
Having fast internet in Malaysia sounds almost too good to be true.

Some of us have already gotten used to the idea of waiting more than a millisecond for a WhatsApp message to go through or eons for a full HD movie to load.

But somebody has pledged to give the rakyat cheaper and faster internet by next year.

According to the New Straits Times, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is prepared to slash broadband charges by half and double the speed in 2019.

They are currently working it out with the licensed owners and service providers to hopefully implement this new system on fixed broadbands.

The plan is to start in major cities before expanding nationwide, including the rural areas.

At the moment, the price of the 10 megabit per second speed is between RM119 and RM129. It used to be more expensive, between RM169 and RM179.

With the new system, Malaysians could subscribe to the speed of 100 megabit per second for as low as RM179 and RM189, compared to RM299 before.

Regardless of what happens, let's hope that our internet speed will keep improving and upgrading because it isn't 2018 if we get upset having to wait 10 minutes to download a 5mb file.

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