Instagram Is Putting A Stop To Bullying On Its Platform

Keyboard warriors, better pay attention.

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Instagram Is Putting A Stop To Bullying On Its Platform
Cyber-bullying is happening more frequently day by day because it is so easy for people to say mean things on the internet while hiding behind their computers or mobile phones.

One popular social media platform that sees a lot of interaction 24/7 is Instagram.

The second you make your Instagram profile public, you know you're just giving people an open space to respond to your posts, be it positive or negative.

So starting Tuesday (1 May), Instagram has implemented a way for us to filter bullying comments within the platform.

Instagram Co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom said in a statement that this is the platform's ongoing commitment to maintain "an inclusive, supportive place for all voices".

Following a filter that allows users to hide offensive comments implemented last year, the new filter hides any comment that attacks a person's appearance or character and threatens someone's well-being or health. 

You can enable or disable this filter in the 'Comment Controls' section within your Instagram app.

You can also block comments by specific users.
This is a clear move by Instagram to protect public figures and young users on the platform because it should be an encouraging place that promotes kindness and acceptance.

"Protecting our youngest community members is crucial to helping them feel comfortable to express who they are and what they care about," Systrom said.

You can read more about Instagram's updated Community Guidelines here.

We hope that this new filter will significantly help the community and continue to educate people about the effects of cyber-bullying.

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