Foodpanda Malaysia Now Offers 24-Hour Food Delivery Service

Hunger pangs at 3am? No problem!

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Foodpanda Malaysia Now Offers 24-Hour Food Delivery Service
Are you constantly thinking about food and always end up having hunger pangs or cravings at the most ungodly hour like 3am?

Well, if you answered yes, you’re not alone because we and thousands of others feel the same way too!

And apparently the food gods at Malaysia’s most popular delivery service heard our prayers and decide to offer a new service.

Food is bae, and bae is life.
In conjunction with Foodpanda’s sixth birthday, they announced that they will be extending their delivery services to 24 hours!

“In line with our mission to bring good food into your everyday, we at Foodpanda will now be bringing good food to you every night at well,” Foodpanda Malaysia managing director Sayantan Das told The Star.

“We wanted to provide our customers with the convenience of satisfying their cravings from their favourite restaurant in the comfort of their own home at any time of the day.”

Later this leng zhai come and send you food at midnight ok?
Well, you got that part right; we want food delivered to us all day, every day!

We’re not sure which local restaurants and cafés are involved in the 24-hour service list but let’s hope it involves our favourite ones (like KFC, for example).

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