The Amazing Race GE14 Edition: Malaysians Race Around The World To Hand-Carry Overseas Votes

The power of the people and social media.

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The Amazing Race GE14 Edition: Malaysians Race Around The World To Hand-Carry Overseas Votes
Image: Will Fung / Facebook
The 14th General Election (GE14) is one to enter the history books of Malaysia.

For the first time in over six decades, the ruling government has fallen into the hands of the opposition. 

No matter which side you're on, you can't deny that something in the atmosphere felt different today.

On Wednesday (9 May), millions of Malaysians endured hours of queuing, sweating and pulsating nerves to exercise our right as citizens.

While the rest of us were unfortunate lucky to be able to wait in line and cast our votes personally, thousands of Malaysians residing overseas had opted for postal voting instead because not everyone had the luxury or libery to travel back home.

However, many Malaysians abroad couldn't get their ballot papers back in time for polling day. What happened next showed the world what Malaysia really is.

A group of volunteers stepped up at the eleventh hour and offered to hand-carry all the votes back home!

A Facebook group called 'GE14: Postal Voters Discussion' was set up to connect voters with runners who were flying home and runners with other volunteers on ground to submit the votes before polling ended at 5pm.

And the results will make you tear up.

People were painstakingly searching for someone to help deliver their ballots back by hand. Soon, Malaysians from different parts of the world came together with the power of social media and gathered logistics to facilitate this one-of-a-kind delivery service, completely free!

We managed to find successful stories that stretched from around the region and to the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the UAE, all the way to Malaysia.

The one-day delivery boy.

The flying heroes.Because every vote counts.The 40 hours leading up to one historical moment.

This parcel travelled more than we ever did!
International newspapers picked up these stories as well.

An Australian daily covered the story of one Malaysian who willingly helped fellow Malaysians there to hand-carry their votes back home.
These volunteers went all out with zero bias or judgement at their own cost just to help each other exercise their constitutional right. This is the true communal spirit that the whole nation has been waiting to see for decades. Who knew that it was only a WhatsApp text and Facebook status update away?

You can read more of these inspiring stories here.

And let's not forget about the amazing people behind the 'Carpool GE14' and 'Pulang Mengundi' effort too!

Malaysia, change is happening. And it's only the beginning.

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