Nine Million Vehicle Owners Didn't Renew Their Road Tax And Insurance

Wah, you guys so berani.

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Nine Million Vehicle Owners Didn't Renew Their Road Tax And Insurance
Image: Malay Mail
If you haven't renewed your vehicle's road tax and insurance in a while, you're just one of the nine million people in Malaysia who haven't done so.

According to the Road Transport Department (RTD), approximately 28 million vehicles are registered in Malaysia but only 19 million vehicles have had their road tax and insurance renewed regularly, as reported by Bernama.

What happened to the rest of the vehicles in the country?

Well, we can only assume that they're either no longer in use or the owners are so optimistic that they'll never get caught.

So berani ah.
But what if, knock on wood, you get into a car accident? Not only will you be slapped with a compound for running on an expired road tax, you won't be able to make an insurance claim to pay for the damages on your vehicle.

Unless you happen to plant money trees lah.

If you fall into the same category as the other nine million Malaysians, the good news is that you have a chance to renew your vehicle's road tax and insurance through the regular procedure, as long as the expiry date is no more than three years ago.

The offer, which was given on 27 March, ends on 30 June. You can make your renewals at any state RTD or JPJ office and be sure to do this asap!

Better to be safe than sorry, right?

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