Malaysia's Debt Has Breached RM1 Trillion, According To Tun Dr Mahathir

We can't even brain what RM1 billion looks like, let alone trillion.

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Malaysia's Debt Has Breached RM1 Trillion, According To Tun Dr Mahathir
Image: Reuters
Do you know what RM1 trillion looks like?

This is done in USD, but you get the point.
That's 1,000,000,000,000.

Apparently that's the amount of debt Malaysia is currently in, according to Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

This morning, Dr Mahathir was seen addressing the civil servants working under the Prime Minister's Department at the monthly assembly, as reported by the New Straits Times.

"Our debts have reached more than RM1 trillion and we need to solve this," he said, urging the staff to give him their full cooperation during this new season to get Malaysia's economy back on track.

Tun M addressing the civil servants for the first time since he took office.
He added that the country's debt was around RM300 billion he was in office the first time around.

That means we accumulated RM700 billion in debt in about two decades!

Though the government has yet to reveal the measures they'll be taking on the road to economic recovery, we have already seen some significant changes taking place to tackle the rising cost of living.

As announced last week, the Good and Services Tax (GST) will be zero-rated from 1 June onwards and replaced with sales and services tax (SST) which we were once familiar with.

Besides that, the government will also introduce fuel subsidies again soon after stabilising fuel prices last week. 

"It won't take too long for the country to recover and be respected once again, if all of us work together,” Dr Mahathir said.

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