You Can Soon Bid For The Most Patriotic Vehicle License Plate Ever, 'Malaysia'

There are 10,000 numbers up for grabs!

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You Can Soon Bid For The Most Patriotic Vehicle License Plate Ever, 'Malaysia'
Image: Bernama

How much would you pay to get the perfect license plate for your vehicle?

Driving through the city, we've seen all kinds of registration numbers. 

Some are so punny we can't help but smirk when we spot them.

Have you spotted this car on the car?
And some that are so confusing you'll need to clock your head sideways to figure out the meaning behind.

What is this supposed to be?
We've also had different series of registration numbers released in the past exclusively for special occasions, such as '1M4U', SUKOM (1998 Commonwealth Games), G1M (Gagasan 1Malaysia), and etc.

In light of the recent developments and acts of patriotism that have been happening in our country, the Ministry of Transport has introduced a new special series of vehicle registration - 'Malaysia'.

According to The Sun, this series will be released in conjunction with the Merdeka celebrations this year.

But of course, we won't be able to get this special number so easily because there will only be 10,000 numbers available, and you will have to bid for the one you want.

We like 'Malaysia 2020'.
The numbers will run from 'Malaysia 1' to 'Malaysia 9999' and biddings will be opened from 2 to 17 July, according to the Road Transport Department's standard operating procedure.

The winners will then be announced on 15 August.

Now, how much do you think the starting bid will be?

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