This Malaysian State Aims To Be Smoke-Free In Five Years' Time

Can't this be a nationwide thing?

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This Malaysian State Aims To Be Smoke-Free In Five Years' Time

Putting out the smoke for good.

The little island of Penang is on a roll.

A couple of days after they announced that they're considering banning straws and other plastic items, the state government  is now working on making the island smoke-free.

State Health Committee chairman Dr Afif Bahardin told The Star Online that he has proposed to make smoking in public illegal.

If everything goes well, Penang will be a smoke-free land in five years' time, according to Dr Afif.

Dr Afif said the initiative will be carried out under the state's Cigarette Smoke-Free Penang (Penbar) programme, which was set up to protect the people from the dangers of cigarette smoke.

Just, no.
Several areas in the state such as the Penang Hill and George Town World Heritage site have been gazetted as smoke-free, but Dr Afif is hoping to make the initiative will be statewide.

“We will spread awareness and step up enforcement as it is time we reduced tolerance towards public smoking,” he was quoted as saying.

If you're a smoker, don't worry; the state government will set up yellow semi-circle spots around the city for you to light up.

But please lah, this is a sign for you to stop smoking.

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