What Former PM Najib Razak Said Perfectly Sums Up Married Life

He's just like us, you guys!

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What Former PM Najib Razak Said Perfectly Sums Up Married Life

Now we know who wears the pants in their household.

There are a couple of things in life you shouldn't question at all: someone's sexuality, someone's music preference and how much your wife spends shopping.

And that was what former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak did exactly.

After news broke that the items seized from residences linked to the 64-year-old are valued up to RM1.1 billion, Najib had the perfect response that perfectly sums up married life: he does not keep tab on his wife Rosmah Mansor's spending habits.

How we imagine it's like in the Razak household.
In an exclusive interview with news portal Malaysiakini, he said that he was not aware of Rosmah's extensive collection of high-end jewellery and handbags - just like any husband out there!

We don't mean to be rude, but how can you not be aware when your wife has 12,000 pieces of jewellery and 567 handbags?!

Heck, we can't even go back home with a brand new Pop Funko figurine without being interrogated by the missus. True story.

Us in a nutshell.
According to Najib, even Rosmah was taken aback by the number of items seized from their residences and she doesn't believe that the value of the items would come up to RM1 billion.

So, how does he explain the items found in his residences?

For one, Najib told the news portal that most of the items were gifts from close friends.

"Over the years, as head of the government, we have been gifted with a lot of items by foreign leaders as well as personal friends and I do know that under the law it is not illegal to receive gifts.

"These gifts were accumulated over decades," he was quoted by Malaysiakini as saying.

Boy, that's a lot of gifts!
Then, Najib also explained that some of the jewellery, which has a market value of between RM660 million to RM880 million, had been sent over by jewellers for viewing.

He also claimed that these jewelers had written in to legally claim back the items because hey, you can't keep them if you don't intend on buying them, right?

And finally, Najib told Malaysiakini that a large number of those jewellery also belonged to their daughter Nooryana Najwa, her husband and mother-in-law.

So, you see, guys, our former PM does not own anything in his own house. Sometimes, things just mysteriously appear.

Cut him some slack, OK?

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