Mark Your Calendars To Bid For The Special 'Malaysia' Plates Online

This e-bidding system will be a first in Malaysia.

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Mark Your Calendars To Bid For The Special 'Malaysia' Plates Online
Image: Caricos
The Ministry of Transport recently announced that there will be special series of 'Malaysia' vehicle registration plates introduced to celebrate Merdeka Day this year.

There will be 10,000 numbers available from 'Malaysia 1' to 'Malaysia 9999' up for grabs.

However, the bidding which was initially scheduled to run from 2 to 17 July has been postponed to 1 to 16 August

We like 'Malaysia 2020'.
The slight delay is because the ministry is planning to launch a pioneer online bidding system this time.

According to The Star, a local IT company has approached the ministry to help set up the e-bidding system and conduct the whole process for free.

But it is currently still pending approval from the Finance Ministry.

This new online bidding system will make the procedure a lot easier and encourage more people to bid for their desired number plates.

Prior to this, vehicle owners who intend to bid for a specific number would have to register at the Road Transport Department (JPJ) office.

Besides that, bidders were also required to place a 50 per cent deposit first via a bank draft. And if their bid was not successful, it would take up to three months for them to get back their deposit.

With e-bidding, besides being able to do it remotely from anywhere, all you need is a credit card to hold the deposit. Your credit card will only be charged when your bid wins.

How convenient! Let's see how many 'Malaysia' number plates will see by the end of the year.

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