Tun Dr M Says Najib Razak Will Be Arrested 'Any Time Soon'

It is coming!

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Tun Dr M Says Najib Razak Will Be Arrested 'Any Time Soon'
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Get your popcorn ready, boys and girls!

A couple of days after the authorities revealed that the items seized from residences linked to former PM Najib Razak were valued at more than RM1.1 billion, two questions were on every Malaysian's mind: what the hell is a Bijan and when will Najib be arrested?

We have the answer to the first question -- click here to read more about the super luxury brand Bijan -- and now, we finally have an answer to the second question.

Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad told The New Straits Times that he expects the authorities to arrest the 64-year-old very soon over the alleged embezzlement of 1MDB funds.

The reason it's taking so long to bring the former premier to court, said Dr M, is because the investigators are still compiling evidence as cases involving high-profile figures and a large sum of money are usually very complicated.

"I think (it will happen) soon. To bring such case to court, we need to find sufficient evidence that will stand up in court," he was quoted by the news portal as saying.

The investigators are also trying to pinpoint the paper trail and ensure that the money had indeed originated from 1MDB before the case is brought to court so that "it will not be countered by Najib's lawyers," Dr M added.

But we can officially start the countdown now, right?

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