Dear Malaysians, Your Tourist Visa Fees To India Have Increased

The new fees are almost equivalent to a flight ticket now.

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Dear Malaysians, Your Tourist Visa Fees To India Have Increased
It is going to cost you a few extra meals to travel to India now.

Malaysians heading to India with a tourist visa will now have to pay more in visa charges.

From 25 June onwards, India's eVisa has increased from RM200 to RM320. This visa is valid for four months, as reported by The Star.

All Malaysians entering India are required to have a valid visa from the Indian Mission or Post.
Visas applied over the counter which are valid for one year now cost RM462.56, excluding service charges! So, safe to say that it best to apply for your tourist visas online.

This new fee will be implemented starting from 1 July onwards.

Unfortunately, there will no longer be a cheaper six-month visa that was previously priced at RM194.56.

This visa price hike could discourage Malaysians from travelling to India in the near future, especially for those who intend to travel for religious pilgrimage or to visit their family members.

The new fees are almost equivalent to the price of a flight ticket now. 

How lah?
"Most Malaysians spend about five to seven days in India, and they usually make one trip a year. So the amount visitors pay for the visa might not be worth it," said Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) exco member Gopalan Mariappan.

For those who are still interested to apply for an Indian tourist visa, you can do so here.

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