Thai Football Team Found Trapped In Cave May Be Stranded For Weeks Or Months

The 13 boys are currently receiving swimming and diving crash courses to prepare for a possible escape.

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Thai Football Team Found Trapped In Cave May Be Stranded For Weeks Or Months
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A young football team from Thailand was found trapped in a flooded cave after they were reported missing with their coach nine days ago.

According to a report by Channel News Asia, the 12 boys, aged between 11 and 16, and their 25-year-old coach reportedly went missing after they had set out to explore the caves in a forest park on 23 June.

They found themselves stranded when heavy rains had blocked the entrance to the cave, which was also their way out.

The discovery was made by a group of specialist divers after a painstaking search through narrow passages and murky waters in the Tham Luang cave, located in northern Thailand.

The under-16 football team was found after trapped for nine days.
Rescuers had reportedly found bicycles, football boots and backpacks near the entrance, as well as handprints and footprints entering the cave. 

However, despite successfully finding the boys, this rescue mission became more complicated because the entire rescue process could take up to weeks or maybe even months.

More rain threatened to flood the cave that stretches 10km long. It is also one of Thailand's longest and toughest to navigate.

Oxygen tanks prepared for rescue divers.
The 'Wild Boar' team was found very deep in the cave as they must have retreated further in due to continuous flooding in the days that they were trapped.

The international rescue operation, which consists of the Thai NAVY Seals and experts from the U.S., U.K., China and Australia, is reportedly trying to figure out a way to get the boys out safely.

The squad is also receiving swimming and diving crash courses to prepare them for their escape. If the water levels decrease and current weakens, they could be extracted quickly.

The 13 boys were found in good spirits despite being caught in a tough situation.
The authorities are striving to get the boys out as soon as possible, but not if any risks are involved.

Since the football team was discovered, divers, medics and counsellors have been with them to provide medicine and food

One of the doctors who was present said that the team had survived by staying still and drinking water that dripped from stalactite formations.

The priority now is to keep the boys healthy and strong by feeding them mainly grilled pork, sticky rice, milk and power gel to boost their energy.

Packs of powel gel were distributed to the team to help them restore and maintain energy.
Rescue workers have reportedly prepared food supply of up to four months, just in case.

The authorities have also been steadily pumping water out of the cave round the clock to help reduce the water pressure.

Fingers crossed, let's hope that the rescuers will be able to get all 13 of them out safely soon!

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