TM Will Introduce Cheaper And Faster Internet Plans Very Soon

You mean like Singapore and South Korea, right?

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TM Will Introduce Cheaper And Faster Internet Plans Very Soon
Image: Daily Express
Say yes to cheaper broadband internet!

Telekom Malaysia (TM) will soon introduce a few new and more affordable broadband and mobile plans in support of the national broadband initiative, as reported by The Star.

According to TM acting group CEO Datuk Bazlan Osman, the new plans will also meet Malaysians' call for faster internet at more affordable prices since forever the launch of Unifi in 2010.

It is finally happening.

Here are the new plans TM will be offering soon:

#1 Affordable entry-level package

TM will introduce a brand new entry-level broadband package at 30Mbps for the targeted B40 group, which means that those earning a lower income can also enjoy high-speed internet at an affordable price of less than RM100. 

This is more than 40 per cent cheaper than the current 30Mbps package.

Those who are eligible for this package can start for pre-booking here from 15 July onwards.

#2 Double the speed at no extra cost

TM will gradually upgrade the speed for all existing Unifi customers at more than double the speed but with no extra cost! This 'turbo' plan will be implemented beginning 15 August. 

For new customers who subscribe to the current plans before 31 December, you will also receive upgrades accordingly in 2019.

#3 Special upgrade from Streamyx users

If you're still using Streamyx, now known as pre-Unifi, why? 

Just kidding.

Anyway, TM will be introducing a special package upgrade for you in Unifi areas. You can check your eligibility on Unifi's website from 15 July onwards.

#4 Unlimited Unifi mobile postpaid plan

TM will relaunch the unlimited Unifi mobile postpaid plan which offers unlimited data, calls and texts.

This plan is exclusive to existing broadband customers and will be made available from 15 July onwards. Those interested can visit any Unifi outlet or the official website.

Having said that, when will we reach higher speed internet like Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong.

You don't know, we also don't know. We'll just have to wait and see.

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