Punters Are Betting On These Numbers Related To Najib Razak's Arrest

Big money come!

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Punters Are Betting On These Numbers Related To Najib Razak's Arrest
Image: Independent UK & Berita Harian

One man's pain is another man's gain.

While the entire Malaysia was engrossed in former PM Najib Razak's court case, Malaysians who are looking to strike it rich were quick to bet on numbers related to his arrest.

In fact, according to this report by The Star Online, two sets of numbers were 'sold out' nationwide:


This is the vehicle registration of the red Proton Inspira which was sent by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to pick up the 64-year-old from his Jalan Langgak Duta mansion on Tuesday.

A punter's dream come true.


This number was picked out of a special booklet -- dubbed the '4D bible' -- used by punters. Apparently, the numbers indicate that a person was "arrested for corruption". Honestly, we did not know there are numbers for these kinda things. 

According to The Star Online, both numbers were sold out nationwide - less than two hours after all three 4D betting operators opened for business!

All Sports Toto, Pan Malaysian Pools and Magnum outlets have reportedly exhausted the maximum quote allowed for bets placed on a single set of number.

The news portal also reported that punters started buying these numbers as early as Tuesday evening, almost the same time as Najib was brought to the MACC headquarters.

If any of you bought any of these two numbers and strike it big, remember to belanja us lunch, OK?

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