Tun M: All Politicians Must Declare Their Assets And Cannot Receive Gifts

Because we Malaysians deserve to know!

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Tun M: All Politicians Must Declare Their Assets And Cannot Receive Gifts
In a move to be more transparent with the rakyat, Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has made it compulsory for all members of the Cabinet to declare their assets.

This includes the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, and political secretaries.

We need more transparency!
According to a report by The Star, the posts above are officially public officials, which contradicts with a court judgement last year where it was found that former Prime Minister Najib Razak was not a public official, and therefore could not be made liable for misconduct in public office.

Tun M is aware that his latest statement contradicts the court ruling and stated that court rulings can always be changed.

“The court of law is not actually God. If you make a ruling that is not current and not in keeping with the current thinking, we can amend it,” Tun M told reporters during a press conference.

You can even send a wall of flowers just like how Kanye did for Kim Kardashian.
Besides declaring their assets, government officials are also banned from receiving gifts except these two things: food and flowers.

And surprisingly, if any government official were to receive a pewter plaque – which is a common practice in the previous government administration - they will need to seek permission to keep it first hand.

The nonagenarian also added: "If they are given a Mercedes or even a Proton, they must return it.”

Well, we can’t wait for the day the official report comes out. It’d be interesting to know how much assets our ministers actually have.

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