Thank The Heavens, The 'Visit Malaysia 2020' Logo Will Be Redesigned

Come on, guys, we can do better.

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Thank The Heavens, The 'Visit Malaysia 2020' Logo Will Be Redesigned
Remember the horrendous infamous 'Visit Malaysia 2020' logo revealed at the beginning of the year?

We tried our level best to forget the original design and decided to focus on the more creative ones submitted by other talented Malaysians after the news broke instead.

Or learn how other countries did it.

Since the 'New Malaysia' arrived, one of the first things that the public called for was to redesign the controversial logo.

We're sure we can do better.
And lo and behold, our cries have been heard.

According to The Star, the Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry will be running a contest to find a new replacement.

It will be an open contest to invite Malaysians to chip in with their ideas and opinions for the new design.

However, the ministry has yet to decide whether the competition will seek for the logo to be completely redone or just modified.

There is still plenty of time for us to work on a new logo. So, calling all graphic designers, artists and art enthusiasts, this is your chance to shine once again!

We know Malaysia can do better.

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