Coming Soon: Live English Premier League (EPL) Matches On RTM Stations

Malaysians are in for a treat. Maybe.

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Coming Soon: Live English Premier League (EPL) Matches On RTM Stations

More football coming to you soon.

Always have to go out to a mamak every time your favourite English football plays a match because you do not have satellite TV at home?

Don't worry, you'll soon (maybe) get to watch it live on your own TV set.

Minister of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (MCMM) Gobind Singh Deo told the New Straits Times that the Ministry is mulling the decision to air live English Premier League (EPL) matches on RTM.

Following the success of the 2018 World Cup telecast, Gobind said airing EPL matches on the national TV stations was brought to the Ministry's attention.

But there's one big factor that could hinder the plans though: the cost.

No money, no talk.
Gobind said airing live EPL matches on the government stations "may incur a massive fund", therefore the plan is currently at the bottom of the Ministry's priority list.

In fact, it could be a while before you could actually watch the Manchester derby on the government stations.

That's because the decision to air the matches would probably only be made "in future years,” he was quoted as saying.

Guess you have to wait a while for your free EPL matches, guys.

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