Don't Like Your Ikea Furniture? You Now Have One Year To Return It!

They really want you to make sure you like your furniture.

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Don't Like Your Ikea Furniture? You Now Have One Year To Return It!
Image: The Edge Markets

Buyer's remorse no more.

Don't you just hate it when you bought something, but you decide later that you don't really like it and you try to return it but the staff do not let you because of some stupid reason like the return period is over?

Fret not, guys; you won't have that problem with Ikea Malaysia.

The furnishing retailer announced on Wednesday that they are extending their return policy to 365 days from the current 100. 

Yup, that's right; if you buy a couch and you feel like you don't like it anymore 360 days later, you could return it to Ikea.

Indeed it is.
Ikea Southeast Asia Deputy Managing Director Mike King said in a statement that the decision to extend the return policy is to ensure that their customers are genuinely happy with their purchases and to allow them to have more room to make the right decision.

“At the end of the day, we want to provide our customers the best end-to-end journey at Ikea and our new return policy is a step in that direction,” he said in the statement.

The policy takes effect immediately.

Malaysians be like...
To return your items, you would need to have the original receipt, so best make sure you keep it in a very safe place if you intend to return the items you've purchased.

Also, the new return policy only covers selected items, so things like pillows, bedsheets, plants and furniture purchased from the As-Is section are exempted.

So, don't go bringing your dead plant to Ikea and expect them to give you a new one. Doesn't work that way, bro.

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