What Was This Strange Cloud Formation Seen On Mount Kinabalu?

It looks like the mountain is wearing a hat.

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What Was This Strange Cloud Formation Seen On Mount Kinabalu?
Image: Twitter / Raverowan
Locals staying around Mount Kinabalu were treated with a rare sight of the peak on Sunday.

There was an unusual cloud formation right above the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia that looks almost like a traditional Kadazandusun headgear.

This headgear is also known as a 'sirung nabalu' or 'sigar nabalu'.
This phenomenon turned out to be a lenticular cloud formation.

So pretty!
The beautiful view was seen from Kota Belud, Pekan Nabalu and Kundasang highland during the weekend.

However, according to New Straits Times, this rare sight wasn't exactly the first occurence.

The Sabah Meteorological Department explained that "lenticular clouds are formed when damp air passes through a barrier such as a mountain, resulting in a whirlwind that forms the cloud".

As wind turbulence would be especially strong in the vicinity of this type of cloud formation, it could be dangerous for planes that fly through this area.

The lucky locals and tourists.
Lenticular clouds don't move and form between 6km to 10km above the surface of the earth. These clouds are also known to some as UFO clouds.

Nevertheless, despite the beautiful scene, some Kundasang and Pekan Nabalu folks do believe this as a sign of an oncoming drought.

Wonder how long do we have to wait until we get this view again...

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