Will Pulau Besar Become The Next Pulau Langkawi?

The state government plans to turn the island into a tourist spot and free trade zone.

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Will Pulau Besar Become The Next Pulau Langkawi?
Image: The Star
Most of us have heard of Pulau Besar but not many have actually been there.

In case you're not familiar, Pulau Besar is a 'big' island in Melaka, located approximately 15km off the city. You can get to the island by ferry or speed boat.

Do people live here?
There is a saying that the shape of the island resembles a pregnant woman lying on her back. That is just one of the many legends associated with Pulau Besar.

Although legends and myths give more identity to the island, the state government have plans to get rid of the superstitious and sacred activities that take place there by turning Pulau Besar into a tourist destination and free trade zone.

Yes to cheap chocolates!
In fact, Chief Minister Adly Zahari said that the island has potential to be developed into a tourist spot like Pulau Langkawi, as reported by The Star.

Pulau Besar could also become a production centre for local produce like cocoa, which could generate economic activities and create more jobs for the locals.

Previously, the state government had attempted to stop superstitious and sacred activities on the island. But the efforts failed most likely because the place was neglected, isolated and not developed, causing different groups of people to take advantage of the area.
"With the implementation of planned and comprehensive development, some superstitious activities on the island can be eliminated, thus cleaning up the area," Adly said.

One of the graves on the island.
Development plans on Pulau Besar would require several steps, including the application for a tax-free zone for several other products besides liquor and the land ownership on the island involving several individuals.

According to Adly, the development must be carried out immediately because the state government and Tenaga Nasional Berhad has already invested RM30mil to supply electricity on the island. These investments have not gained anything in return because there was no economic activity.

Some old graves that have been turned into sacred and superstitious sites on Pulau Besar will be retained as a historical site, including several other sites.

So, are you ready for Pulau Langkawi 2.0? Melaka peeps, what do you think about developing Pulau Besar?

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