Did You Know That There Are 14 Serious Defects On The Penang Second Bridge?

Wow, this sounds serious!

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Did You Know That There Are 14 Serious Defects On The Penang Second Bridge?
If you’ve been using the Penang Second Bridge regularly or prefer to use it rather than the first one every time you visit Penang, well we have some shocking revelations.

According to the Auditor-General Report 2017, there are about 14 major defects on the second bridge that needs to be rectified as soon as possible as reported by The Star.

But those numbers aren’t as scary as the next one – there are actually a total of 1,046 defects where 21 of them have been categorised as serious defects that needs immediate repairs. The numbers were pulled from an audit report between 2016 to 2017.

Wait, what?!
Only seven defects have been rectified in 2017 and 14 more are pending for fixing in 2018.

The Auditor-General has urged that the defects to be looked at swiftly, as delays would increase risk and repair costs.

We don’t know what exactly are the defects or their nature but this news alone is highly worrying for commuters.

Do you prefer this bridge or the first bridge?
Another finding from the report illustrated that projects to build to rest and recreation (R&R) facilities costing RM23.93 million has been delayed. The project was supposed to be completed in June.

Well, we hope that the state government will look at this serious matter and fix the defects soon before anything unwanted happens.

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