Touch 'n Go Will No Longer Sell SmartTAGs Starting Today

SmartTAG will be replaced by the RFID system by January next year.

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Touch 'n Go Will No Longer Sell SmartTAGs Starting Today
Image: Malaysian Reserve
SmartTAG users, don't freak out just yet!

Touch ‘n Go (TnG) announced that they will not be selling SmartTAG devices anymore from today onwards. 

That's right, you will no longer be able to find it at all channels authorised by TnG.

You will be missed, SmartTAG.
But hold on! This doesn't mean that your existing SmartTAGs will stop functioning. You can still use them at all highways in Malaysia.

Plus, you can also continue using your TnG cards and MyKad to pay toll fees as usual.

So why did they make this move?

According to a report by The Star, TnG is planning to roll out the RFID (radio frequency identification) system for toll payment nationwide beginning January next year.

You can register as a user for the RFID system test run now.
This system comes with a sticker embedded with an RF chip that will be stuck on the vehicle. Each sticker is unique to each vehicle and linked to the TnG eWallet, thus allowing users to top up or check their balance easily via online banking or credit and debit cards.

The RFID may eventually replace SmartTAG devices, which is why TnG decided to let go of them.

Does that mean we'll no longer see cars getting stuck at the SmartTAG lane due to lack of balance or faulty devices? 

Because there will always be that one vehicle trying to reverse and go to a different lane, basically creating an unnecessary long line of cars behind.

Unless you're that vehicle, then malu lah.

For those who are intrigued by this new RFID system, TnG will be testing out a pilot phase starting September ahead of the full rollout next year.

If you're interested to register as pilot users, just submit your contact details to TnG's website. Those who have pre-registered will receive an email to fill in your vehicle information and make appointments to install the RFID. 

A TnG RFID portal will be made available to the public on 3 September.

Malaysia will be one of the countries, including the United States, Argentina and Taiwan, to implement this system for toll payment. So, let's hope that we'll see less congestion at toll booths very soon!

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