This Little Town Recorded The Highest Temperature In Malaysia Over The Weekend

We're sweating just thinking about it.

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This Little Town Recorded The Highest Temperature In Malaysia Over The Weekend

Can we turn down the temperature, please?

We are pretty sure that we did the same things over the weekend: furiously fanning ourselves, jumping in and out of the shower four times a day and hiding inside a fully air-conditioned room.

But for residents in this small little town in Malaysia, the heat was even more intense.

Follow the fan.
Over the weekend, the Malaysian Meteorological Department (Met­Ma­l­ay­sia) revealed that the hottest spot in the whole of Malaysia was Kapit, Sarawak.

The temperature reportedly hit a shirt-ripping 37°C, according to The Star Online.

The weather was hot enough to be categorised under the "alert level" or Category 1 (if the temperatures reached a treshold of between 35-37°C for three days straight, an official alert will be put out).

Category 2 ("heatwave level") is when the temperature is over 37°C for three days straight while Category 3 ("emergency level") is when the temperature exceeds 40°C.

What we all look like right now.
Sibu and Sri Aman in Sarawak, Temerloh in Pahang, Mersing in Johor and Kuala Krai in Kelantan all recorded a temperature of 35°C over the weekend.

Meanwhile, MetMalaysia also revealed that the warmest states in Malaysia were Pahang, Kelantan, Perak and Sabah with an average temperature of 34°C.

If you were in these states over the weekend and wondered why the weather wouldn't give you a break, well, now you know lah.

Oh, and here's the bad news: the hot weather is expected to last all the way till October.

It's important not to hold on to fences.
According to MetMalaysia, the scorching temperatures were due to the current South-West monsoon, which reportedly started in the third week of May.

The department's director-general Alui Bahari told the news portal that our country's atmosphere is generally drier because of the reduced convection (a heat transfer phenomenon where warm air rises and produces an upward current) during the said monsoon.

“As such, the country will experience more days without rain in this period compared to others,” he was quoted as saying.

However, Alui Bahari said when the inter-monsoon season hits Malaysia in October, Malaysians can expect cooler temperatures - and yuckier, rain-filled days.

Hang in there guys, we only have a month and a half to go! 

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