Private Healthcare Will Cost Three Times More In 2019

Yikes, looks like we literally can’t afford to fall sick soon.

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Private Healthcare Will Cost Three Times More In 2019
Image: The Malay Mail
It seems that a lot of Malaysians are getting more anxious as September closes in, and that could only mean one thing: the blissful tax holiday is coming to an end.

The dreaded Sales and Services Tax (SST) will come into effect on 1 September.

Now that the SST is one thing we need to take into account in our expenses, it seems that we could have another headache coming our way soon.

The Star reported that private healthcare is going to be at least three times costlier in 2019.

Our reaction to this news.
The Health Ministry recently had a townhall to revise the general practitioners’ charges and they have concluded that the new rates will be between RM35 to RM125, which is almost four times more than the initial charge of between RM10 to RM35.

According to the Deputy Director-General of Health (Medical) Datuk Dr. Azman Abu Bakar, the increase was overdue, as the last time a revision was made was back in 2016.

“The more complex one's illness, the higher the consultation charge will be. The ceiling price for the consultation charge is RM125,” Dr. Azman said.

So, will you still be going to private clinics after this?
“The Health Minister will then submit the proposed revision of general practitioners' charges to the Attorney General's Chambers and, if all goes well, it will then be presented to the Cabinet for endorsement,” he added.

There’s no exact date on when the new price revision will be implemented but Dr. Azman didn’t rule out the possibility of it beginning early 2019.

We suggest you start being healthy, guys. You really can't afford to fall sick anymore.

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