Malaysia Finally Takes Home Gold In Sepak Takraw After 24 Years

That makes another gold medal for us at the 2018 Asian Games!

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Malaysia Finally Takes Home Gold In Sepak Takraw After 24 Years
Image: The Star
Sepak takraw is a sport that originated from Southeast Asia. The word 'sepak' means 'to kick' in Malay and 'takraw' came from the Thai word for 'woven ball'. 

So, this sport was literally named by the two countries that were once kings of the sport. Did you know that?

But unfortunately, Malaysia hasn't tasted victory in sepak takraw for more than two decades.

Until today.

After 24 years, Malaysia finally took home the gold medal in the inter-regu sepak takraw event at the 2018 Asian Games!

The national team beat the host nation Indonesia to a 2-1 in the final, ending the drought since our last win at the 1994 Asian Games.

Congratulations, team!
Playing on your opponent's homeground, you can only imagine the insane crowd that was there to not support you. 

But the national regu team managed to overcome the homecrowd with an 18-21, 22-20, 21-11 score, as reported by The Star.

Nice job!
Muhammad Zulkifli Abd Razak (tekong), Farhan Adam (feeder) and Mohamad Azlan Alias (attacker) fought a good fight to secure a long-awaited gold for the country in the end.
  The sepak takraw win takes Malaysia's fourth gold medal at the Games for now. The other three were gained by Nicol David in women's individual squash; Esther Cheah, Siti Safiyah Amirah Abdul Rahman and Syaidatul Afifah Badrul Hamidi in bowling; and Rafiq Ismail in the men's Masters.

We've got just another three more golds to go to reach our target of seven golds at the Asian Games, which is possible since prospects are looking good in the remaining cycling, sailing and squash events.

Let's keep sending good vibes to the Malaysian contingent!

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